Sunday, May 3, 2009



To add to the hate, today it was war between those machines and I. This has been an issue ever since we bought the house. But I was just not having it today.

This is the problem... unfortunately, I can't wash a heavy load because when I do, THAT MACHINE leaks water. EVERYWHERE! So, it is very frustrating when I do have several loads to wash and not enough time to do it. Today, I thought I didn't put THAT big of a load of clothes in the washer, but apparently I did because the water was not enough for the load to clean it thoroughly. So, I had to wash it again. I wanted to try the heavy load setting once more (I NEVER LEARN MY LESSON), and when I did, it leaked water everywhere! And while I was trying to sink the clothes into the water, I chipped a nail!! GRRRR!!! I WAS SO MAD AT THAT POINT! Total meltdown.....

I had to take out the dry/wet vacuum and pull THOSE MACHINES back to clean up the mess. While I did that, I must have pushed a button or something because the dryer was not drying!!!!! I had had it. Ronnie came to the rescue. And he was able to fix it. UGH!!!

We haven't really had anyone come look at them. Maybe we should. I really want to buy new ones. But we can't right now. I have dealt with them for almost 2 years now. But enough is enough.

I do want to make the laundry room my next project. Maybe it can make doing the laundry a little more joyful. I have been wanting to paint the walls and I finally found the perfect color. Martha Stewart Sea Glass Blue. It is almost like a light blue/green. Its like that signature Martha color. Here are some inspirations:

I purchased this rug to throw in there. I have the brown version in my bathroom and I love it so much.

Here is my laundry room. I want to find some good shelving at the Container Store, as well as a convertible drying rack. I want to also throw in some baskets for neater storage. I am hoping to make this a summer project. :) This is how I've made peace with THOSE MACHINES. I am kinda excited to get started!

Let me also throw in that my wonderful hubby got me these to make my day a little brighter....
He is the BEST. This I know....



When we first moved in our house, the washer was the first thing to go. Eventually, when the dryer crapped out, we also replaced that one. It's one of those appliances that gets a lot of usage. I would suggest getting it looked at and if it is too pricey to fix, get a new one as soon as you can. BTW, those inspirations are my kind of laundry room too. Good luck!

Mrs. J L

I know that ABC Distributing had an adorable laudry set. They had baskets, borders, curtains, and cute little frames. I bought my laudry things in another catalog but I can't remember the name. If I remember later, I will let you know. :)


i know you feel like you can't right now but its a necessity. get new ones. it will be expensive but fuck it. you NEED them. its not worth all the hassle. i'm sure ronnie will let you.


awww yuck! At least you'll have a pretty room to help relax you soon!

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