Monday, March 29, 2010

Sneak Peek: Our Master Bedroom

One of the things I got most excited about our new home is choosing to paint our master bedroom in a color of "my" choice. In our first home, the room was painted in green and since it is my hubby's favorite color, it was VERY HARD to convince him to change it. So, I had to settle. (OK! more like compromise. ha!)

Our friends Jose and Maritza in Miami recently remodeled their entire home. When I visited them and saw the color of their new master bedroom, I totally fell in love with it. It was the perfect baby blue, but not juvenile. Very soothing, relaxing, which is the feel I've always dreamed in a master bedroom. So, the color stuck and that is the color I decided to go with. The paint is from Sherwin-Williams and the color is "Iceberg". I can't wait to see the room furnished! Thanks Maritza!

The picture qualities aren't great. But I wanted to give you an idea. :)

There's been a change...

Hey guys!

I decided to change the domain name of the new blog that I will use when we move eventually. Head on over to


Our Georgia Peach

Hey everyone!

I hope to merge my blog into this new domain name. I just haven't figured it out yet, and I hope I can do it. Moving takes so much work! I won't be using this new blog spot until I am officially moved into our new home in Georgia. Either way, please save it into your bookmarks.

New roots in Georgia. Still can't believe it!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

dining room

Work begins next week painting our grand dining room. It is currently painted with the color of the rest of the house ("Relaxed Khaki" by Sherwin Williams), but we picked out "Coffee" by Lowes. The color will be on the walls and the center of the tray ceiling. Sad thing though... we don't have furniture to put in there, yet! But I am not complaining. One day....

The dining room appears as soon as you walk into the home past the main entrance hallway. Take a sneak peek. I can't wait to fill this room with family and friends, laughing, smiling, eating, talking and lots of LOVING! (oh and furniture, of course! ha!)

iPhone pic below:
Clearer pics below:


For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Some updates:
1. Ronnie left this morning to officially begin work in Atlanta tomorrow. He's staying in a hotel by our new home, so he can begin to adjust to his new schedule. We are about 20 miles North from his office. So, he hopes to get a feel for the traffic. We hear it's pretty bad. But if he leaves a little before 6am for work, and around 4pm to get home, he should be looking at a 25-45 min commute. (we hope!*)
2. I will be joining him on Friday. We close on the house then! Can you believe it!? We are sad and excited at the same time. I guess we are just pretty anxious, too.
3. Painter should begin working on the house on the 20th. I can't wait to see how our dining room and master bedroom turn out. We picked out a "milk chocolate brown" (but not too dark, more in between) for the dining room. And a perfect "iceberg powder blue" for the master. I can't wait to see how it looks against our mahogany furniture and white linens.
4. I will continue working through the school year. Ronnie will be coming to NC on the weekends, or I will drive to GA, etc. Hope this time goes by quickly! I don't do well at home without him. I tend to get very unmotivated. I guess it's understandable!
5. We have interest in our home in NC. So, we hope to get some kind of contract within the next 2 weeks or so.

Our feelings about everything vary from hour to hour, day to day. Some moments we are sad, some moments we are hopeful. But for the most part, I have the bible verse above (Jeremiah 29:11) in my mind and I keep reminding Ronnie of it, too. We are just anxious for it to all to fall into place. We know deep down this will only make us stronger. We are anxious to see what else our future holds. We know we are blessed. :) We are so grateful to the Lord.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

new home: new blog

But not just yet! Believe me when I say that when we learned about relocating my heart sank when I thought about our blog! (I know..of all things to worry about!) I love the name "Nesting in NC". So, I go to thinking on how to top it. So, since Ronnie and I began our "fairy tale" at the Magic Kingdom in Cinderella Castle, I decided our blog should symbolize that. So, introducing our new blog home.....

LIVING OUR HAPPILY EVER AFTERS @ and eventually I want it to be a ".com".

Obviously it is empty, but as soon as we are settled in our GA Peach, I will decorate and make our new blog a "home",too. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

family room

Just got back from my best friend's Janelle's wedding in Miami.

Janelle got engaged while visiting us for New Years 2009. It was a wonderful, surprise engagement on top of Grandfather Mountain in Boone, NC. It was very important to me that I was able to be a part of it. (I took this picture below) Jay is a GREAT man who LOVES her so much. He did a great job planning his engagement to Janelle.

I helped her plan this wedding. Planning lasted a year and we were so anxious for it to all come together. Janelle is like my sister. Being her Matron of Honor was very special for me. She was my Maid of Honor for my wedding. I even let her borrow my veil for her something "borrowed" and I couldn't have been any more proud to do so. I will blog more about the wedding later, but I just wanted to say how very happy I am for her and Jay. I just think about the wedding and tear was very emotional and special. I was happy to be able to visit my family, as well. It was hard to leave Miami this time. I guess its because I don't know when I will return. Either way, the entire weekend was very special for me and I will treasure it forever!

The weekend before returning to Miami, Ronnie and I went to GA to meet with the painter to get an estimate. We got a great deal to paint our master bedroom, dining room, and some repairs around the house. We hope the painter to get started sometime after we close this month. Things with our current home are going smoothly. We get visitors practically daily, so we are praying everything is successful in the end.

Meanwhile, I'd like to share with you with what our new family room looks like! I am in love with our brick fireplace and built-ins. It's a BIG open area attached to the kitchen. I love the wood floors and I really like the carpeting for those cold winter nights snuggled on the couch. We plan on having our TV set on the wall over the mantle (like we have in our current home). I LOVE the windows that look out to the patio and backyard. And lets not forget the ceiling. I wish I knew what that kind of ceiling is called right now. But I think it makes the room! Here are some pictures.

The only thing that gets us is the fireplace....sorry's a total FAKE! But it looks pretty! We'll live... :)

View from the laundry room to the open area of the kitchen to family room.