Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekend in the Mountains

Last Friday, Ronnie gave me a call in the morning and surprisingly asked me "Do you want to go to the mountains this weekend?". Of course, I said "yes!" and he took a half day to head there in the afternoon to arrive around dinner time. We've been talking a lot lately about going, but we've been so busy we haven't had the chance. Ronnie's family has a mountain home and his grandparent's were there. So, he thought it would be a good time to see them, too, since it's been a few months since our move from NC to GA.

We really enjoyed the cool air and it was strange visiting a place we called home. Actually, it felt really good to be back and we soaked up the cool mountain air and appreciated the things we love about living in NC.

I took some random "NC" things during our weekend and I hope you enjoy taking a peek at what we did and saw.

This was taken on our drive to NC. This is one of the things we first saw. The sky was really blue and clear. It was a beautiful NC day. When I see old rustic barns like this, I totally think NC. We had several of these around our town.

We saw the Grandfather Mountain sign as we were getting closer to the house. Who knows how many times we've been to it and crossed the mile high bridge? We didn't this time. But it really is an amazing place. It's also where my BFF got engaged!

One of my favorite places to visit is Beech Mountain and their little general store called "Fred's". I have to eat at their small diner at least once when I am there. And I love their sweet tea! (a must have drink in NC)
How cute are Ronnie's grandparents? He's so blessed to still have them in his life.
Of course, we had to pick up some jars of the taste of nc. We bought some pumpkin butter and honey.

Finally, here is a picture of us on the final day. Saturday was very gloomy, but Sunday it was clear and beautiful. We had a really nice time!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Honesty Still Exists.

How cute is this sunflower stand?!

Remember when I posted about the Sunflower field we saw near us? Well, Ronnie took me this Sunday and we were in shock at what we saw! Driving up we noticed that there wasn't anyone working the stand, so naturally we thought it was closed. Until we read this sign:

Yes, the sunflower stand was running on the "honor system" and we were able to pay and pick on our own. This is unthinkable in this day in age. We were so in shock! How cool is that?

So, we did what they asked and put the money in the box, made our change, and picked our flowers!
Ronnie did the picking. I just told him which ones I liked. There were tons of bees flying around and it was funny seeing my hubby freak out about them. :)
See the bee? They were huge! He was so brave! lol
I was really happy. Sunflowers make reallllyyy happy!