Saturday, September 12, 2009

dear blogging, how i've missed you!

My fellow blog readers,

I apologize for neglecting you! It has been a stressful and busy past 3 weeks. Back to school madness! And on the weekends, we've been cleaning or just resting. So, not much has gone on. But I am hoping things slow down a bit soon, so that I can plan and think about the exciting months ahead. Within the next 6 months:

-I turn 28! ah!
-My pa's 50th birthday in Miami! BIG FAMILY PARTY!
-Ronnie's best friend's Lino's Bachelor party in Miami in October.
-Ronnie turns 30 in November!!!! The BIG 3-0!
-Our 2 Year Wedding Anniversary! Where does the time go!
-Then, the holidays, of course. We are thinking of doing Miami for Thanksgiving.
-My best friends Jackie's bridal shower in November in Miami.
-Then Jackie and Lino's wedding in Walt Disney World in January!
-And last but not least my best friend's Janelle's bridal shower and wedding in February!

Whoa! Told you there would be excitement within the following months! We are looking forward to everything. There is also A LOT of changes that might be happening in our lives, but I am not ready to reveal what they are. Good changes, but non the less, difficult decisions to be made. We are excited for whatever our future holds. But the "waiting to see" part is very hard.

I will keep you posted on the latest happenings.

Like Mickey Mouse....see ya' real soon!