Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Home Art

I recently discovered a new photo editing website called BeFunky. It's very much like Picnik, but has different editing options, like turning an image to a cartoon or even a painting! That's the feature I have been obsessed with. I have been wanting to frame some of my favorite pictures of our first home to display in our new home. And I decided to play with these pictures at this editing site and fell in love with the way it turned our home pictures into paintings. All I need is to save them, print them and frame them! That simple and very inexpensive. How classy do they look?




Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall 10' at the new W. Home!

Fall is upon us! And this means a lot to us because we have our birthdays and wedding anniversary coming up. I always get excited during this time of the year, of course! And one way I celebrate is by decorating our home with fall decorations. We got to it this weekend and so far I am liking the way our new home looks decorated. It makes a home a little warmer and festive and I am all for that. I'm also loving my Bath and Body Works fall scented candles filling the air with autumn goodness. Soon, we will add Halloween touches and I can't wait to share those. I hope these will inspire you to add some Fall touches to your home!

Our mantle is decorated with a fall leave garland and small pumpkins.

More pumpkins on our fireplace.

Our coffee table is decorated with glittery fall candles and another pumpkin! I picked up these at Home Goods this weekend. I love that store!
Ovens are decorated with fall inspired kitchen towels from the Martha Stewart collection at Macys.

Our kitchen table is decorated with this centerpiece of glittery pumpkins and gourds! I got these at Hobby Lobby. I love anything sparkly!

And finally, you are greeted at the front door with these cute fall touches.