Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ronnie's 30th Birthday!

We celebrated Ronnie's BIG 30th birthday yesterday with a small bbq dinner at our home! I wanted to make it really special, so I decided to throw together a Yankees theme dinner party. Many of you know my hubby is a HUGE Yankees fan ever since he was a little boy. I thought it was even more appropriate since they won the World Series just a few weeks ago. We are on a budget, but I still managed to throw something cute together without breaking the bank. Here are some pics from last night. We really had a nice time and the cake was not only perfect, but delicious! (BTW, I got some nice compliments for my "hostess capabilities". That totally made me feel special. I know I get it from my mami. Thanks Mom!) Tell me what you think! We wish you were here!!!!!

My 28th Birthday!

I turned 28 on October 17. We didn't really have much planned to celebrate my birthday. Like I said in an earlier post, the weather in NC in October was rather dreary for the most part. But the hubby suggested we head to Asheville for the day. And I couldn't pass that up because I've always wanted to visit the Biltmore House! The house was breathtaking and the leaves were almost all fully turned. Just beautiful scenery, even though it was really cold! I really enjoyed my birthday to the fullest!

Pumpkin Pickin'

Our pumpkin pickin' wasn't so exciting this year. Mainly because hubby and I both got really sick with terrible, terrible colds! We had to wait till almost the end of October because the weather in NC on the weekends in October were rainy and cold back to back to back. On the day we decided to head out and pick out our pumpkin you can tell the day was a little overcast and we didn't look so hot. :( But never-the-less, we still managed to pick out a rather nice one, even though the patch didn't have many to choose from anymore! Enjoy the pictures!