Monday, April 27, 2009

45th Mustang Anniversary Show

Ronnie is a die hard Mustang fan. When I mean die hard, I mean DIE HARD! Don't ask me how many he's owned in his short life, because I lost count in his last purchase! The Mustang has been part of our relationship since we first met. And when we met he owned 2! Being so devoted to the car also meant he was part of the local Mustang Club and they have been our second family ever since. We've traveled to many car shows together and we are just the best of friends because not only do we travel across the country for Mustang shows, but we'd meet once a week for the "mustang club meeting". I know, this isn't the average habit. It is very unique. But we've shared many times and have created many wonderful memories with our "mustang family". We love each other! And we do miss our weekly meetings being so far away!

Our latest retreat was the 45th Anniversary Mustang show in Birmingham, AL. This is where I spent the other half of my Spring Break. It was really special this time because we have not seen or spent time with our mustang family since Christmas Break. The drive was about 7 hours. And we spent 4 days in Birmingham. Part of it was spent at the show. But the ladies could only handle so much time with the cars. So, Saturday we went shopping! Enjoy the pictures from our weekend!



Very nice pics, it looks like you had a nice time. When I first met my husband he had a mustang too and it was his life. He eventually sold it but every once in a while he wishes he still had it.


Looks like a lot of fun!

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