Tuesday, May 5, 2009

our family's tiger woods

My brother Danny has been playing Golf since his teen years. He has a big passion for it and is very good at it, too! He loves to compete against my dad, my brother Mike, my Godfather Andresito and anyone in my family who is willing to get out on the course. Danny has worked at the golf course for several years. And guess what he does when he's not working? You guessed it, he's GOLFING! (Is that a right golf term, anyway?)
This is Danny playing golf. This picture was used in a Johnson and Wales University ad. He attended JWU for a little while.

Just recently Danny signed up for the Golf Channel Amateur Tour. So, far he's played in 4 tournaments (including one at Walt Disney World) and has won the top 4 spots in the competition! I know, amazing! But even more amazing is that he won his first tournament this past weekend!!! I know, crazy awesome!!! Click Here for his current stats.

I just wanted to brag. Danny has so much talent. And I am glad he's fulfilling his dream and working at something that is so hard. I love him so much. He's even influenced little golfers in our new generation of brothers, Nick and Fernando! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?
My dad with my little brother, Fernando.

My littlest brother, Nick! Look at him go!!!!! How cute is he?!

FAMILY IS THE MOST WONDERFUL THING! And God has blessed us with an awesome one!



i love how talented our family is and how diverse those talents are. a golfer!! how many people have a great golfer in the family. i'm so proud of him and so happy that he's following his passion!


That is so cool, a brother who golfs, and is good at it. Congrats to him!


We are so excited for you and your family! You are obviously so proud and supportive of Danny! Congrats! Keep us posted!!!

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