Wednesday, May 6, 2009

teacher appreciation week!

I teach 5th grade. It is extremely stressful and, most of all, exhausting!

Teaching is hard work and it is easy to forget about the little things and what its all about with the many responsibilities and demands that are expected from me on a daily basis. Not only from parents, superintendents, principals, the state ,etc.... but most of all, from each one of my students. All are different and have different needs. And I am only ONE person. I must do this not during an appointment every 6 months, or an hour consultation. I must meet their needs EVERY DAY, for 7 hours, for 10 months out of the year. about pressure!

Teaching is the most rewarding job. No one can argue that. I make a difference. I know this is true. But so easily forget with the demands and responsibilities. (mom, counselor, lawyer, nurse, tutor, mediator, advocate, get the picture!)

So, with that said I want to acknowledge that this is National Teacher Appreciation Week. My students have SPOILED me with chocolate, flowers, fruit, notes and hugs every day this week. They are so thoughtful. I love it and I wanted to share this poster one of my students created for me.

This totally moved me because of the student who wrote it. He has struggled this year and has shown so much improvement. I know I made a difference!




prima this is so heart warming. you have to love what you do. because why kill yourself at a job you don't love? you have to love being a teacher. its too hard otherwise. i've heard people say to me "eh, i guess i could get a job as a teacher". these are ppl with no teaching background, they just decided hey i could teach. no don't teach just because you can. you teach because you love it. you teach because something in you drives you to teach. and you've wanted to do it for a long time. not because you decide i need change of pace. because teaching is a thankless profession most of the time.

so thank you for doing what you do. you are making a HUGE difference prima! even if you don't always get notes like this. you are touching lives and shaping minds. always remember that.

but i don't remember a teacher appreciation week when i was a kid.


Congrats! Being a teacher is hard work especially at that age when the students need you on so many levels, not just what's in the books. Very rewarding letter :)


Congratulations!! I bet you felt so great to get such a nice letter!

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