Thursday, May 14, 2009

busy, busy, busy

My mami and me.

We've been so busy lately! Sorry, I haven't blogged in over a week.

We were in Miami Mother's Day weekend. We had such a wonderful time, like always. We shared some special moments with the family. A sunny and warm (no, wait, HOT!) Saturday in the pool and a lovely dinner with mom. She showed me how to set a table "Martha Stewart" style....with the China, water+ wine goblets, and chilled perrier water pitcher out. Yeah, all out! And my stepdad's dinner, yum! On Sunday, it was with Dad. I visited my Tita Zoila and then we went to have an early dinner at Joe's Stone Crab! Pictures soon. I promise!

Ronnie had to get on an early morning flight from Miami to travel for business. I hopped on the plane for home in NC on Monday. We haven't seen each-other since we were both in Miami.

I've kept myself busy since Ronnie is away, of course. I do not like being home alone. I am still not used to it and I don't think I ever will be. So, I've kept busy at school (especially since our NC state tests are next week...super stressed, btw!) I want to re-paint our master bedroom, so I've gone to Lowes several times to pick up some paint samples. I've had dinner with friends and I shopped at the Teacher store to pick up a few things for next year using some PTA funds. And prime time TV has worn me out, too. (DWTS, Idol, Ugly Betty, etc)

BTW, I do love the phone calls my mom and dad give me while he's away. Especially my dad's at night right before I go to bed. :) So sweet. Puts me at ease hearing their voices.

Ronnie gets in tomorrow. And I am counting the hours. I complain how he's always attached to my hip. But I am the same exact way! I guess it is called being 'newlyweds'! :)


Mrs. J L

May that newlywed feeling last a lifetime for you guys!!! :)

Mrs. J L

by the have been awarded over at my blog. check it out. :)


I missed ya! Glad you had a good weekend and are keeping busy. BTW you look a lot like ur mom


Newlyweds shmoolyweds its called being married to your best friend :)

and teaching teaching teaching. you know what i say? i say...learn the graphic design stuff. thats what i say prima!

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