Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dining room set....I found the "one"!

I am a little too excited about something. And when that happens, I know I have made up my mind. What am I referring to? A Dining Room set!

I know, so corny right? But seriously, this has been a process for me. Living near High Point, NC (The furniture capital of the world) I've seen my fair share of dining room furniture for the past 2 years almost. And I have seen a few I've liked, but nothing that yelled "THAT'S IT!" to me. I've been hesitant to purchase any one that I liked because I want it to be something that is timeless and that I can keep forever. Is that too much to ask? Maybe so, especially being on a budget and not wanting to go into debt over the thing.

So, we've been patient. And I want to unveil the one I have fallen head over heels for to you. While on our trip to Alabama, the girls and myself went shopping. My best friend Jackie and I stumbled upon it at the Macy's. It is Bernhardt Furniture piece made for Martha Stewart and Macys. To me it yells perfect. There is something traditional, yet, modern that I find so perfect about it. I am that kind of girl that likes that style combination. I've collected a few pictures of it in different settings, including the pictures I took of it when I fell in love.

Bernhardt Furniture for Martha Stewart: East Hampton Lilly Pond Collection

Anyways, it is on the pricey side. But I've located a store in Hickory, NC that sells wholesale and they have the China in stock for wholesale price! Ronnie will call this week to find out some more about it's condition (it was on display in a Macys). We hope to see it this weekend. So, there is hope, but I just have to be patient to get every piece at the right price. Living in NC might just be the hope I need to purchase the dining room set of my dreams! Yay!!!!

In the meantime, I think I will be placing one of these in our guestroom. Any donations towards our dining room will be greatly appreciated! LOL!

Tell me what you think!



I think it is gorgeous. I know what you mean about waiting for the right one. I feel some of the stuff I have purchased has been quickly to fill the space and I will never do it like that again.

This Classy Bee

OMG It's BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it! Soooo nice!! I'll definitely be going to NC when it's my turn!! LOL


you have great taste prima

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