Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Its the Little Things..

Doesn't my toothbrush look lonely? It is not the only thing that is lonely. I am missing my hubby and thank goodness I am working this time to sustain it. He has gone on a business trip to Chicago all this week. During our first year married I was unemployed and being alone all day and all week was NOT great! And its amazing of things I realize while my hubby is away. For instance:

1. I have to make my own coffee. (It was so cute when he showed me how to use the grinder and the coffee maker before he left.)
2. My toothbrush sits so lonely. So depressing.
3. No one to say good night to.
4. No one is there to wake me up or say good morning to.
5. No one to fight with over what to watch on TV. (Yeah I miss that!)
6. No one to cuddle with.
7. No one to talk about my day with.
and I could go on and on...

And it's the little things, really. I am getting by by keeping busy. Going to dinner with the inlaws and a friend, shopping, and watching my shows on TV and its only Tuesday! 2 more days to go....and to top it all off it is getting into the 30s tonight! And my hubby is not here to keep me warm... :(



:( He'll be home soon. I went through a different situation right after getting married since we worked at opposite times of day so I never shared a morning or evening routine with my hubby. I'm sure he misses you too, business travel is overrated.


awww!!! i know exactly how you feel. when ed is gone i'm ok for like a day. but once night comes and i realize i'm all alone...forget it. its hard. we've been together 10 yrs and i still hate to be apart even for a day.


awww...(I found your blog from Eli's) I actually had to leave the husband behind for a week when I attended my cousins wedding and it definitely wasn't easy :( but the reunion is worth it!

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