Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh, Martha Stewart....

Every time I walk into a Macys my inner radar points me straight to the MARTHA STEWART Collection in the Home department. This has been happening to me ever since I signed up with Macys for my wedding registry. And I can't help it! There is something PERFECT about the displays of the kitchen gadgets and china in different arrays of MS colors like her signature blue, greens, and reds. And then strikes me. I find something I *have* to *have*. And I will admit, it is not just at Macys. Its everywhere you can find Martha like Kmart and Michaels. I make purposeful trips to these stores for all things MS.
And when I shop with Ronnie he tries to control my impulsive buys. I get into this character, too. Almost like a bratty little girl..where I beg and plead "Pllleeeeasssseeeee honnneeyyyy??? Pretty pllleeeaassseeee! and its quite charming how he can imitate me. He is a good hubby, though, and puts up with me and gives in. He's an inner Martha fan, I think. ;-)

Anyways, after work one day this week I went to Macys to make an exchange and, of course, I made my usual stop. I couldn't help but pick up these babies... the matching cookie plate to match my MS Spring kitchen towels. Then, the PRETTIEST MS blue cake stand caught my eye and thought *i have to have this!*. (I really don't...but how cute will my cakes look, especially when our kids have birthdays?) -seriously! I also picked up 2 of her silicone spatula in her signature blue and green. ugh. LOVE! I especially love those spatulas to cook with, though. (I have it in red already.) I like them better than the usual spatulas with the wood because I don't like how water can seep through the crack in the spoon part. (This is my madness, I you see how I justify my weaknesses?)

I just can't say no to anything Martha Stewart. I just can't! :)



I don't own many things from her but I do admit it's a pretty collection. Love everything you purchased. The colors are so perfect for the season. Now you have to bake a yummy cake to display on the stand. Enjoy your new toys!!

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