Thursday, September 20, 2007

midol: how do i love thee?

Hi blog buddies!

So today I woke up miserable. Yeah, that time of the month. YECK. Why can't we just get used to that terrible feeling? If it was only But I tried not to let it get me down because I have so many THINGS TO DO! So, I tried to accomplish some things today and I did. But I still feel awful!

Anyways, during this time of the month I also get major, major cravings. I can want to eat the most bizarre things! But today it wasn't too bizarre.....I wanted cuban food. Bistec empanizado to be exact. I went on my merry way to the grocery store to try to come up with the ingredients... There is a Hispanic section at the store...but excuse me, Hispanics in NC only consist of Mexicanos. Soooo frustrating. I really wanted to make platanitos, too...But I guess Mexicans don't eat that either! ay!!!
Well, I managed to get the bread crumbs, but plain Progresso brand (no hay galleta molida) and the meat. So, I made due. Ronnie enjoyed it. It came out pretty good....oh! And I also made white rice...hello! The rice came out good, too.

But here was my issue with cooking Cuban food the first smelled like Tita's house. Not that there is anything wrong with that....but it was just too much.....ay, no....I still smell the smell of frying pan....I guess I need to get used to it...

Well, yesterday I attempted to begin our wedding guestbook. Originally I wanted to have a slideshow at the reception to play pictures of Ronnie and I through the years. Well, it turns out it wouln't really work because the wedding is during the day and you wouldn't be able to see it. So, again....I want to incoroporate the idea somehow, so I made due. I am creating a scrapbook of us through the years to be our guestbook. Here is a sneak peak:

Cute, huh? I think so. It's real simple because I want to have room for people to sign.

And I finally decided on the wedding favors. Believe me, most of you know, this has been the most undecisive factor of the entire wedding process. I could never make up my mind! But, believe me this time.....the decision is final. I am going to give bottles of honey. And the tag is going to read "I Married My Honey"! AWWWW! TOO CUTE, RIGHT? I know, I know!!! Here is a picture of what it's going to look like. I am going to have the 4 oz bottles made...the 4th one to the right to be exact.

Anyways, can't wait...still so many things to do!
Finalize the menu
choose reception music
Invites should be mailed out by next week
buy unity candle
buy wedding party presents....and the list goes on and on!

Till tomorrow guys...I think tomorrow's topic will be the house. I gotta show you what we've done to the place. We're slowy making it our home.....I love this!



how many times do i have to tell these supermarkets, tacos and burritos does not an international food section make. but honey i lived in boston and let me tell you i made it happen with non latino ingredients. do you have some Sazon Completa from Badia? Porque with that you can make anything taste like home. I'll mail you some if you need it. Any breadcrumbs will do, i used the progresso ones too, and instant rice!! just add a little oil to the rice y ya. and the seasoning to any can of black beans. and yeah..the pan is gonna smell up the house for a day or 2. but is that such a bad thing?

it was a rare treat to get plantains...and then you had to wait for them to ripen. in miami i'm pleased as punch to see they have them frozen. i just pop them in the pan and voila! i have perfect platanos every time.

its good to see you experimenting!! Sazon prima, Sazon is all you need. i hope this was coherent as it is 5am and i just woke up. love you!!


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