Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our Blue Christmas....

Ronnie's grandparents on their wedding day. Isn't this a beautiful picture? They were married for 56 years!! Our inspiration!!! She gave me this original picture back in September when she came to visit us in Georgia.

Our life was shaken and it has changed quite a bit since late December. It was definitely a blue Christmas. We lost someone who was an inspiration and probably our most biggest supporter. Ronnie's grandmother passed on Dec. 23. Ronnie is the person he is today because of her. She was so important to both of us. Granny now lives in our hearts forever. We went to spend Christmas with her in NC and we didn't expect to be in the hospital by her side for 5 days and eventually have what happened. It really shook us pretty badly, as well as the family. But we moved forward like she wanted. The first night in the hospital she gave Ronnie orders to pick up her order from Cracker Barrel for Christmas day and we did what she wanted. She was definitely the rock in his family. The one who kept and made traditions important. She LOVED Ronnie. He was #1 in her heart. We miss her dearly! Along with losing Bettie, we have been dealing with Ronnie's mother's health. Luckily it has gotten better. But she was shaken up of everything that has happened. Our life has been a whirlwind, but we are fine and moving forward. :)

This was on Christmas day in NC in front of Granny's house. It was definitely a site to have a white Christmas. We believe Granny had something to do with it. She always wanted a White Christmas!

I took this picture of Granny's tree the night we arrived to her house in NC. Her and I watched "Christmas Vacation" while the family picked up BBQ for dinner. She knew that was R's favorite food. And we watched his favorite movie! Crazy, right? Her tree is the kind of tree that has many memories and tradition, just like what made Bettie. She treasured family. I love her tree......

These are the kind of ornaments she has on her tree. This was Ronnie is 1st grade!! LOVE!



aww this os beautiful. i love that picture of his grandparents!!! he really looks like his grandfather!


beautiful post E! What an amazing woman she seemed to be! I have no doubt you will continue her traditions! May she rest in peace <3

Sugar & Spice

I am sorry for your families loss.

She will live on forever!

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