Wednesday, July 14, 2010

window shopping at Pier 1

I went to Pier 1 last week and couldn't help but fall in love so many cute things! I am on a budget, so I didn't buy anything, but I decided I'd take pics of the items I thought were adorable and share them with you. I love going to Pier 1 for home decorating. And they usually have really good sales. Hope you like what I saw!

Ever since Ronnie brought me back an authentic tea set from China, I've been obsessed! I thought these were so cute! My favorite is the rose one in the front. It would be really pretty in a little girl's room as decoration.

I thought these jars would look so great in a kitchen because of the labels already on them. You can personally label them in your own handwriting in chalk. Fill it up with cookies, coffee beans, or even an office or craft room filled with ribbon and yarn! Super cute!

This cupcake jar is extremely charming! I almost took it home, but I am going to wait until it goes on sale. Hopefully I can snag it up! I just it!

This notepad just says it all!

This rug caught my eye. I thought it was a gorgeous!

I thought these cute owl wine toppers would make a great birthday present for a co-worker or neighbor. Or maybe even a hostess gift. Really unique and you can't have too many of these. Really fun!

And that's it. Hope you enjoyed my little virtual shopping tour at Pier 1! :)



you have such self control... I'm not allowed to enter Pier 1 lol


i like the middle teapot. the rose. so lady like and elegant. and i love anything cupcake related. I LOVE IT!! such eyes candy. yummy. i love the rug too. can you believe i've never actually been in a pier 1 imports?

Sugar & Spice

I love Pier 1!

I actually have those jars, except they are squared! They are great! I can write in chalk anthing on the jars. "Yum Yum," "coffee," ect...

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