Thursday, July 29, 2010

Home Touches

I thought you'd like some show and tell. So, today I snapped a couple of "home touches" around here that I love. These are just some of the things that I think my our house "our home"....making this bigger house feel warmer like our first home. ;)

Family portraits. I miss my beautiful Tita more everyday. There she is holding my incredible papi.

I chose this color for my dining room and it definitely makes this huge empty room feel warmer. It's "Spud" by Martha Stewart. I love it and the crown moulding. We are still working on the furniture. One thing at a time....

Mr.'s pepper plant. He thought it was cool and the more I water it, the more I think so, too!

Mr. has his pepper plant and I have my cactus. I'm so intrigued by these. I guess we have exotic taste in plants.

I love, love my glass door. And you know how much I love sunflowers. Perfect combo.

My beautiful best friend, Janelle, gifted this for me as a housewarming present. It goes with my decor perfectly. She knows me well!

I snagged this fabulous Martha Stewart round rug at Home Goods at an excellent price. It lays in our half bath downstairs. I can't tell you how obsessed I am with rugs. But I think I can pick them out good.

We also painted the coffered ceiling in the family to give the house a warmer feel. I think we picked a great color. It's not as dark as "Spud", but it is still in the family. This one is "Coffee" that we got at Lowes.
Finally, here is mother of rugs in our home. I couldn't resist this rug when I saw it at Target. It just suited our new wood floors nicely and it matches our love seat pattern nicely. I had to have it. Mr. made it happen.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little tour around our home. It really is beginning to feel like we actually live here. We will really feel it once we get started on the gardening and planting in the fall. Mr. and I really enjoy that!



Prima the house looks fantastic! I LOVE the paint colors! I can't wait to visit and take it all in. But my absolute favorite is that picture of tita and pachi. Omg she looks STUNNING!!! So incredibly elegant!

about the glass front door. can people see in? or is it reflective? can you see them from inside?


i can't wait either! i love that pic of her, too. i hope i can look that classy after having a baby!

you can see into it, but the good part is, that there is a little entrance, so all you see if you drove by is a wall with a mirror and a little table. you can't see us walking around or anything. when you walk up to it to ring the door, i can peak and see who is there. i actually like that. the main part of the house can't be seen though.


oh thats good. whew!


Hi Mrs. Erika. Your home looks beautiful, and the white crown molding is so clean and classy. Thank you for following my blog!



I love your front door. Has anyone told you that you look like the lady in that family pic? because I think you look a lot like her.


Eli, thank you for the compliment. That is my dearest grandmother....who i lost in May. thank you! she was my everything. the older i get, the more i think i do, too! :)


You can really tell you have put your heart and soul into you home. It looks beautiful.

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