Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hello friends! I always feel so bad when I neglect our blog. I am so sorry! But you can imagine the craziness my life has been lately. However, all great things! A lot of things are working in our favor. So we are very happy about that. Here are some updates!

1. Ronnie was in CHINA (yes, on a totally different continent!) for 2 weeks on business! I was freaked out most of the time. I was so nervous about him flying for so many hours, what he was eating, how he was feeling, hoping and praying we packed enough for him to wear, etc. What can I say? I love him so much and I'm always making sure I am the best wife possible. But he's back (in atlanta, though) and is safe back home! Good news is that he's coming to NC TODAY! That's a whole day earlier and will work and be here through the weekend. This is the most we've been apart since we've been married. I dreaded it. But he will be back home soon!

2. Our paint job in our new home is DONE! Just minor things need to be retouched. But the house got a total paint job. The amount of the cost KILLED me, but it will be worth it. I love how it looks. Pics soon, I promise!

3. My brother Mike has been visiting me and keeping me company while Ronnie is away. It's been great. Some moments I want to kill him, some moments I am so thankful for his help....but overall I am relieved I haven't been alone. It's been a lot of work keeping the house "show ready" as prospective buyers are lurking in almost daily. Lots of laundry, organizing, cleaning has to be done daily! Mike has been a lot of help.

4. I told my principal about us relocating. She was not happy about the news. But she's very supportive. She had such nice things to say about my work. I do love my job! I sure hope I can find another permament position quickly in GA! Please pray!

5. I don't know when I will be back in GA again. But I am tired of living out of a suitcase. It seems like I have for months! I've been working really hard, as well. We have testing in about 3 weeks! But the good news is...SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE! So, things will eventually settle down before I know it.

6. We haven't sold our home on our own. But we are planning on selling it to Ronnie's company who will then in turn sell it on their own. This is great news! They are giving us what we paid for it, so we are not losing anything.

So, yes, we are busy. But everything is falling into place. I hear American Airlines is offering a fantastic deal to travel to Atlanta from Miami until November. The rate is $78 each way. So, we are looking forward to having friends and family visit us in our new home! *hint, hint*



prima...the BEST thing is the fact that you are selling it to the company and they're selling it for you. that is the biggest blessing if i ever heard one. don't know any companies who would do that. thats amazing. what a weight off your shoulders.

i can't imagine having to keep the house show ready. omg oof. i can't even keep it clean for more than a couple of days! haha.

everything is coming together. :) its practically may and then june is around the corner!! its right there! soon you'll be sitting in your new house going "gosh remember when i was still in NC and ronnie was here and i was wondering when we would finally be settled?" it will be like a distant memory :)

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