Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Updates

I am sorry I have not blogged in over a week. Unlike most of my teacher friends in Miami, I am still finishing off the school year! We have 5th graduation on Friday and the very last day for me is June 15! It seems forever away because I have so many loose ends to complete before the school year ends and my little ones head off to middle school! So far, I will continue to teach 5th grade next year. I never thought in a million years I'd ever be teaching the upper level and how much I would love it. There is something extremely special about getting the tweens ready to head to middle school. I know I will get extremely emotional on their graduation day! I've been so busy, I haven't even purchased an outfit to wear. (I am going this afternoon!)

I just wanted to fill everyone in. My mom called me yesterday and was surprised I still haven't finished the year out yet! I guess those Snow Days weren't so great after all....we had to make up 3 days! I will return late this week and hopefully share some pictures of Graduation.

In other summer news, we are possibly heading to Los Angeles in late July. Or more like DISNEYLAND! I don't want to get too excited...yet. But Ronnie might be going to California on a business trip and I hope to meet him there to spend the weekend. It is not official until his boss approves the trip. But I am a DISNEY GIRL all the way and this has me extremely anxious! California might mean more to other people (Hollywood, beaches, shopping), but for me its Disneyland. The last time I was anywhere near a Disney property was our engagement in Cinderella Castle in Walt Disney World in 06'. (I know "la pobresita". haha!) I never thought my next trip would take so long (it has never been more than 2 months between visits) and it might be DISNEYLAND? WHAT?! Life is good. :)



Missed your posts but glad you are doing well. 5th grade is such an important year, hope graduation is a success. That trip sounds like fun!


I've never been to Disney!!! I'd love to go it seems so fun :)

Mrs. J L

I am a disney girl too! Never have been to Disneyland though. I hope his boss approves so that ur plans are for sure. :)

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