Wednesday, June 3, 2009

greensboro grasshoppers- hoppin' fun

Summers in NC mean bar-b-q's and fresh lemonade, wine festivals, visits to the local farmer's market, drives to the mountains, and Greensboro Grasshoppers Baseball games among other things! This weekend we started our Grasshoppers baseball season. Did you know they are the minor league team affiliated with the Marlins? Ronnie and I love baseball. And although NC does not have a Major League team, these are as close, if not BETTER, baseball games to attend. Just good ole' fashion baseball. And let me tell you, they are extremely popular in this town. There are so supported by the fans! The games are filled, if not sold out, for every game. The Grasshoppers have a lot of history, too. The ballpark is fairly knew and so beautiful and family friendly. Located in Downtown Greensboro, seat tickets range in price, but they start at around $8. So affordable, especially for a day out with the family! Ronnie and I love going to them because they don't involve high prices, rude people, an hour's drive because of traffic and parking is $4 for the Girl's Scouts just a block away! We are awaiting the new ballpark in Winston-Salem which will be the home of the minor league team, The Winston-Salem Dash. Winston-Salem is our neighbor....more games we can enjoy! Check out some pictures of us at the game last weekend! 

Sitting with "Guilford" and "Babe Ruth", both Mascots.

Some of the players....future Marlins!

The ballpark located in the middle of Downtown Greensboro.

Enjoying the game together. :)

More of the mascots! 

The ballpark at night.

Fireworks after the game. 

The end of a fun date night!

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This Classy Bee

How cool!! WOW, yeah that's pretty packed! :)


Baseball is so much fun. That looks like a very nice atmosphere and a gorgeous stadium.

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