Monday, March 16, 2009

Your Prayers Are Requested

"For with God nothing will be impossible." (Luke 1:37)

I recently came upon finding the sister of my very dear friend Annette on Facebook. Annette and I were best of friends growing up and lost touch some when we went to college. So, I was so happy to get in touch with her sister, Michelle. I noticed her beautiful wedding portrait as her profile picture. She just recently became a newlywed this past November and it warmed my heart seeing her as a bride!

Then, I came upon learning that her and her husband were struck with a tragedy just 3 days into their honeymoon. Below is their story in her own words:

On November 29, 2008 Alfredo and I were married. We were blessed to have had a beautiful wedding surrounded by very special people. We began our life together as husband and wife with lots of hopes and dreams for our future like all newlyweds.

The next day we flew to Mexico for our honeymoon. After only 3 days of honeymooning we were faced with a tragedy. Alfredo was in a unexplainable accident in the beaches of Mexico causing him to break his C5 cervical and also compressed his C4 and C6. He is now a quadriplegic and is currently recovering at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

We are praying every day that goes by for him to regain more feeling in his body and that he WILL fully recover. Alfredo is very positive and has a lot of faith that God’s grace will bless him with a miracle. As you can imagine, the medical bills for Alfredo’s very intensive rehab are and will be very large. Very soon his insurance will be maxed out and we will need to pay for his treatments on our own.

We have created a foundation in his name in hopes to help Alfredo financially. If you or anyone that you know can help this very worthy cause it would be immensely appreciated.

Please share this with anyone you think will be able to help.
Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

To contribute to the Alfredo Iglesias Trauma Foundation
Please mail your contribution to:
Coconut Grove Bank
Alfredo Iglesias Foundation
ATTN: Robert Filella 305-756-4550
6400 South Dixie Highway
South Miami, Florida 33143

This has truly saddened me. I can't imagine the shock and life altering change that has struck this newly wed couple. I am asking for your prayers for them. I am sure they would be happy to learn and have the comfort in knowing of the prayers being made in their name. If you could help financially, please do so, as well. Again, I am sure any little can help! Always remember how fortunate and blessed you are in the littlest things. God is good. And He can do all with a little faith in Him!

Thank you so much!
Here is article on El Nuevo Herald

Please share the word with your friends and blog buddies, too!


Mrs. J L

Wow...this is really sad. thank you for posting this...I will have them in my prayers and will try to help the cause. I will also spread the word. God is good and nothing is impossible for him!


very sad story...I will keep them in my prayers.


That is so sad :(
I'll include them in my prayers...

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