Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Janelle proposed!

When I decided to ask Jackie and Janelle to be my maidens for my wedding, I decided I wanted to make it a little more "official" than to just verbally ask them. At the time I was into "creating/crafting cards", so I handcrafted cute bridal cards with a poem asking them to my bridesmaids. They loved it! And it was a special moment for me. So, when Janelle came to me to ask me for help on how to ask her bridesmaids like I had done for her, I felt honored. I had the CUTEST idea that I REALLY, REALLY, wanted to share with her. I couldn't contain myself, but then I realized it wouldn't be special for me! So, we made a deal. If I shared with her my idea, she would need to come up with something especially for me! And it was a deal!

Anyways, I still haven't really given up the "hobby" of wedding planning. I still love to read bridal blogs and visit The Knot. I came across a cute way to officially ask a bridesmaid to be in your party a while back. I saved it because I thought it was so adorable. I shared it with Janelle and she took it and ran with the idea. And I must say, it was such a sweet way to ask. Literally!

Janelle "proposed" to her girls with candy ring pops in an adorable ring box and a lovely letter. It came out PERFECT!



haha, very cute. our best man at the toast said he had given us the wrong rings at the ceremony and made us wear the ring pops during his speech. :)

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