Tuesday, February 3, 2009

YAY For Snow Days!

It was a happy Snow Day today! It began to rain and snow last night. And I guess the roads were iced up and that is why they canceled school day today. It rarely snows here and when it does, it seems like everything just stops and people go into a panic! Kind of like the tropical storms back in Miami. But I am not complaining. I do appreciate the fact that we're not under tons of inches of snow like in most of the country. Too bad it usually doesn't last. It mostly melts by mid-day. So, I appreciate the snow when it falls here! It's just so pretty! And its so peaceful to me. It began to snow at around 5pm today and it supposed to snow through the night. I was able to capture some pictures with some light out. The snow just began to fall when I took the shots. We're supposed to get between 2-3 inches. Now... TIME FOR HOT CHOCOLATE!



Be glad. We have a parking lot above us that is solid could seriously put on ice skates and go skating. I can't even go out there being pregnant. Luckily, I have a garage and can park in there with no troubles. :)

And btw - I LOVE all the season photos on the right of your blog. Your house looks beautiful in all seasons. The fall really catches my eye. Looks like something from a magazine.

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