Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up.

This was definitely a relaxing weekend. We saw movies, slept a lot, but still managed to be pretty productive with house chores. I mopped the kitchen floors, vacuumed, did about 4 loads of laundry (which I am still not finished with), and Ronnie put up our new curtains in our Bonus Room!
The room has come a long way since our furniture delivery last Spring. Who could forget our very own FRIENDS episode?! If you don't remember, let me remind you....PIVOT! PIVOT! For my birthday, my mom gave me the "go ahead" to purchase the rug I was dying to have to put in there that I found at Target. It's a beautiful chocolate brown with a blue mum design. I never got to blog about it. But I fell hard for it and I begged my mom for it for my birthday! So, that is another addition to the room. And last weekend, while shopping at Pier 1, I found the perfect curtains to go in the, they were half off! YES! Now all the room needs is a TV and then it will be mine...all mine to watch TV!! (But I know that TV will take a while for us to get!) Tell me what you think of the room thus far.

Then on Saturday night, Ronnie and I were by the Red Robin. I have never been to this American staple and I decided that it was time! (Plus, I am totally menstrual and I know that totally guided my craving.) I heard about the bottomless drinks and fries and the signature burgers. So, off we went inside and I thought it was extremely cute! It's a great family restaurant, but I totally felt extremely GUILTY after we ate! grrr! I hate that. But it was the weekend and it was a new experience, so I got over it quickly. I took a few pics to share with you all.

Now, I am off to watch the Oscars! Ahhh, I am already late! Thank goodness for DVR!



Oooh! I love the room!


Thanks Barb!


ok a. PIVOT! PIVOT!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA omg tears. i remember that so much. i'll never forget it.

b. WOW! the room looks great! it looked great before. and now even better. damn girl. you'll have to decorate my house one day.

c. red robin, yuummm! never even seen one. way cool. bro its ok to give into craving every now and then. no need to feel guilty!

and finally d. how did you get those cool effects on those pics.

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