Sunday, January 25, 2009

Re-organization: Master Bath

I've been dreading but wanting to re-organize our Master Bath for so long. And, I finally did it! I got in there with 2 huge bags and began to just throw away anything and everything we didn't need or use anymore. I didn't hold anything back. I just did it! Check out the before pictures.

This is what it looked like underneath my sink. I keep my hair dryer, flat iron, hair accessories, plus other toiletries under here. As you can see, I let it get out of hand!

This is the drawer that I kept my hair products and perfumes. It got so bad in many things had spilled and made a mess!

And this is what our counter looked like. A accumulation of products, products, and more products! Just a mess!

Here are some AFTER pics. Boy, was I tired!

I also purchased a basket to keep our daily products in. I wish we had more cabinet/drawer space. So, in order to keep all of the bottles together, I thought we could use this basket to just pop up and down and in and out when we use our stuff in the mornings. This feels so good! I've been wanting to do this for some time, but I've dreaded the actual work! But, I am happy I finally got it done!



prima!! you are so creative! first off, the colors of the blog are amazing. i don't know how you do it. wow. but then these pics. i love how the before pics are in black and white and the after are in color. i love the font of the before and after. so cute! your blog just looks so professional and cute. i really love it. everything has borders. wow. too cute.

i have to say, your before pics make me laugh. if you think THATS a mess. thats cute. also when you rearrange a drawer of stuff you use often, forget it. it will last maybe a week.

you should see my cosmetics drawer in my bedroom. what a mess!!! omg! i don't wanna scare you so i won't show you but...i'm too scared to even go in there. and then when i do i hardly throw anything away because i'm like oh i might need this, i might want this for later. and before i know it, i haven't even made a difference!


That's what we have as well, the basket is practical, you can have it on top by the sink for everyday use and if company comes over, you can always put it away in a jiffy. Looks very nice!!

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