Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our Very Own F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode

The sofa got delivered! And this time the movers were a little smarter and more helpful. Well....sorta! They came in the house and I explained our "narrow staircase" situation. But they were very positive and promised they would try. And they did. And they were unsuccessful. But they gave us the suggestion of removing the staircase banister and promised if we did that, it would go up perfectly! We decided on calling a carpenter. But with no luck, Ronnie got home and was determined to remove the banister himself! I are probably thinking to yourself "Ronnie do carpenter work?! What?" Listen to me when I say, he's become quite handy after owning his own home people!!! But I still recommended asking our friends here, Marty and Margie, to come over and help. Marty is quite the handy guy. He knows what he's doing! So, Ronnie agreed and I bribed them for their help by ordering them a pizza for dinner...and it worked! HAHA Boy...I am sure if they knew what this job entailed maybe $100 wouldn't even sound good. They would totally re-think the situation. LOL

So, the night begins after dinner. Ronnie was determined to get this job done. I mean, look at where our sofa was laying!

Then the destruction began. Look! He did it all by himself!

Then our friends came over to help out. Here is Marty helping Ronnie take off the other banister!

Then the hardest part....getting this 1000 pound sofa up the stairs! I tried to help after this picture was taken. Luckily, our awesome neighbors were walking by and they offered to help, too. After several breaks, they pulled and squeezed the sofa up. Yay!

Our bonus room has furniture...yay! We still need to put together 2 side tables. But we were exhausted last night. So, we'll do that this evening. Ronnie picked out the pillows. I forgot to take a picture of the pull out bed. I will take some more later tonight. We are so happy about it.....doesn't it look great?!

And if this adventure did not look funny enough, I will leave you with a very similar F.R.I.E.N.D.S scene. Unfortunately, the "pivot" technique did not work for us either! :)



pivot. PIVOT!!! PIVOT!!!!! lolol!!!

you know the couch probably looks even better with a digital camera. but the blackberry doesn't do it justice. i hope you never have to move the furniture again!!!!

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