Friday, March 14, 2008

countdown: 6 days....

Just 6 more days! Until the family comes, that is...and we are very excited! I've already begun washing the towels, linens, etc. for their stay, as well as cleaning the bathrooms and vacuuming and stuff. This weekend I will buy the pancake mix and cake mix to make Nicholas his cupcakes and pancakes. I will do anything for that kid. What can I say? I am the best big sister! :)

I have bad news about our sleeper sofa I was so excited to buy. They came to deliver yesterday. All I mentioned to them was to please keep the plastic on the furniture so that it wouldn't leave marks on the walls. (This happened before.) Well, I was by myself when they came. And I had a feeling something like this would happen, because I am not very demanding and I can easily get taken advantage of. They brought out the furniture, saw the narrow staircase, and they were convinced it wouldn't fit! They kept insisting they would make several holes in the walls if they tried. Well, I panic and I call Ronnie at work. And, of course, with my luck, he's in a meeting! I ask the guys if they could come another day when he is there. They said yes. Well, I told Ronnie what happened and he was furious because he knows it can get up there being patient and SMART about it by using a measuring tape and angling it certain ways. To make a long story short, Ronnie called and called and called....spoke to probably 5 people yesterday. He finally got a hold of the store manager and he told us he would get the "driver manager" back to us. We get the call today and they say "Sorry, we lost the furniture and we can't locate it." HUH? WHAT? HOW? Soooo FRUSTRATING! Ronnie and I are going to the store tomorrow to get to the bottom of this. This is not acceptable!

So, for now, we are hoping the sofa to be found. If not, we have to buy another aero mattress, so everyone can be comfortable. I am sure everything will get worked out. But I was really looking forward to having the furniture. *sigh*

****UPDATE: They "found" the furniture. And it's being delivered Monday.****


primo juani

i am sooooo happy they found it!!!!!...that stuff drives me crazy....i almost cried as the story was going on lol.

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