Tuesday, September 25, 2007

dancing and turkey burgers

hey hey hey!

I am so excited the new season of Dancing with the Stars has begun! I looove that show. And with our new TV I get to watch it in HD! For the most part, this is a VERY good thing....HELLO, that amazingly HOT model.....what's his name? shoot...I have even forgotten his name! Anyways, who cares....HE'S SO FREAKIN HOT!!!! The down side of HD is Wayne Newton....yikes yikes yikes....looks like his face was run over by a bigg truck! Pobresito....LOL But seriously...I am rooting for Jennie Garth, Sabrina (the cheetah girl) and Helio....he is sooo charming..I really enjoyed watching him dance! I am looking forward to Monday and Tuesday nights again.

Today I worked on the wedding invites. Looks like I will be mailing them out by this Saturday! Can't wait to start getting those RSVPs returned. It will be like Christmas everyday, I hope!!

Tonight I made Turkey burgers. Honestly, I literally put them together. I just seasoned it with what we had and I thought would be good. They turned out pretty good! They were like mini meatloafs. Check them out!
When I first began to cook them:

While they were cooking:

The final result!

anyways...till tomorrow guys!



those look good. turkey burgers huh? i guess i should replace more things with turkey. but ground beef is so yummy. don't you love to experiment with food?

ps. your dishes are so fancy. its like out of a movie. i bet you even have candles!


LOL! Ground turkey is so good meli. I use it in a lot of things. Even spaghetti. Try it...I am sure you'll like it.

You really think they are fancy? Maybe its the food network kicking in. I don't have candles, though. LOL They come on after. I hate the house smelling like food.

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