Friday, October 22, 2010

My 29th Birthday!

Last weekend, I celebrated my 29th birthday with my family in town! My mom, stepdad and brother Mike flew up to Georgia from Miami to visit us. I was so excited because I've been dying for my parents to see our new home and because I am extremely homesick and miss my family very much. I haven't been home (Miami, that is) since my grandmother's passing in May and life has been a whirlwind since then. It's hard to deal with her passing, and this whole new life transition, without having family close by. I've had to handle it all on my own and it just makes me miss my family soooo much! But I am blessed with the most amazing hubby who does help me see a better new day in each day. So, having my family here to celebrate my birthday was icing on the cake!

Anyways, we did a lot while they were here. We visited the cute town that is Dahlonega, GA. Had delicious food everywhere we went and my parents whipped up a delicious meal here at our home on one of the nights. My parents have this thing where they LOVE to go all out at home on the weekends. They get dressed up, my stepdad whips up a delicious restaurant quality meal, they have "happy hour" before dinner, my mom setups a fine dining table with her finest china, and dinner is enjoyed with family or friends in the luxury of their home. It was quite nice to be told by my mother to dress up, only to come out of the bedroom and into the kitchen with martinis served and the table whipped up to perfection! I really enjoyed the special treatment in our home!

We cruised around Atlanta and just enjoyed being together. Simple. Here are some pictures from our weekend!


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