Friday, July 16, 2010

so far, so good

For those wondering, Georgia has been good to us. This transition has been a lot easier than the first time to NC. Having friends here has definitely been a part of it. Now if I can only snag up a job that is convenient, but also at a school where I continue to grow as a teacher...hmmm, that was hard in NC, but it worked out that way. I don't think I'll ever find another school like it, but I can come close... that is what I am praying for and hope you can help me with that, too!

Ok here is a list of the things I've gotten to love about GA!

major league baseball (The Braves) We already went to one game. Turner Field is awesome!
7 hour drive to Walt Disney World! (Can't wait until our next trip!)
Lake Lanier, wow! it is gorgeous. Mountains and water, never thought how much I would love it.
Already found a great hair salon! This is always a challenge and I've grown to have the courage to try out different hair stylists and manicurists. I found both on the first try! And they did great work, for good prices! This was not easy in NC, but it's been super easy in GA!
Shopping! NC was not that great for shopping. The nearest Crate and Barrel, Nordstrom's, and other specialty store etc were in Raleigh (1 hour from Greensboro). We have EVERYTHING near us. And super close, like within 15 miles. This is a relief.
Restaurants! Ronnie and I are frequent restaurant eaters. So far, I've discovered PF Chang's, Bucca Di Peppo, Benihaha, Bahama Breeze, CHEESCAKE FACTORY (this was in Raleigh for us in NC), among my favorites.
CUBAN FOOD! Most of you are aware that in NC, Cuban food was non-existent. We tried several places, but nothing came close. We've already tried 2 CUBAN restaurants and they are owned by REAL CUBANS! And the food was the real deal. This makes me very happy!
The people. NC folks were REALLY good to us. We find the same here, which is so important. Makes life that much sweeter. And you really appreciate it if you are someone from Miami, where people are the pits, if you don't know them. So, we still get waved at, and thanked for if we open doors, etc. :)

That's most of the things I've grown to love. We are still exploring, so I will keep you updated!



I went to visit some friends there last year and they took us to delicious places!!

Here's two that I remember:

:) So happy you love it! <3

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