Saturday, June 26, 2010

hot in cleveland is hot, hot, hot!

♥ Betty White. I really do! But I've loved her before all of her current popularity. Growing up, I'd watch her on Maude, and Mama's Family (one of my favorites!),The Mary Tyler Moore Show and of course The Golden Girls. I've always been an old soul when it comes to TV. I remember staying up late as a little girl in the summers when I'd visit my Tita to watch All in the Family, which came on at 11pm (I'd only get away doing it when I'd visit my gradmother, of course!). That's how much I loved the old shows. And don't even get my started watching Betty on the old game shows because I still LOVE those, too! Match Game, Pyramid and Password...she was the QUEEN of the game shows. And she even married the Pyramid host Allen Ludden!

Anyways, that is why I'm stoked about her being on TV again! I haven't watched it yet because the moving has gotten in the way, but I will catch up. The show is called "Hot in Cleveland" and it is TV Land's first scripted original sitcom. FINALLY a sitcom shot before a live studio audience is BACK on TV! That's enough to make it a GREAT show! Have you watched it? How much do you love it? If you haven't, please give it a shot. It's on TV Land Wednesdays at 10pm.

Go Betty!



i've seen a couple of episodes and its good! personally i think the stand out in the show is the girl who played Daphne from Frasier. she's my fav on the show. its such a departure from her character on frasier. The girl from just shoot me pretty much plays the same character. only instead of an arrogant model she's an arrogant actress. valerie bertinelli is a little meh. she's so blah to me. cute sure but no depth. and of course betty has great one liners. i hope they do more with betty than one liners though. she has so much more to offer.

Sugar & Spice

This is my new favorite show!!! I love the humor, and the fact that it is such a warm, funny show to watch!!

I missed last weeks episode! So hopefully I will be able to catch up this week :)

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