Tuesday, June 1, 2010

dear first nest . . .

dear first nest,

We were so lucky to find you, but didn't realize it until the previous owners accepted our offer. It happened quite fast actually. It almost was too good to be true. We were just starting out and we weren't even planning on becoming home owners so soon. But God wanted it that way and we made sure to take good care of you. We knew it wouldn't be easy, though, because you were miles away from what we always knew... but soon realized you were something truly special.

The first night we were with you it seemed like Christmas eve! I was filled with butterflies anxious to unwrap you and make you mine. We hit it off right away, although you were scary for a few nights after we moved in. What can I say? I'm a city girl and it was hard to deal with so many trees that surrounded you and foreign animals to me. (deers, bats, owls etc.) But pretty soon, I realized you were a good place to be and knew you would protect me from the really loud noises that grasshoppers were making at night (I was not used to such a symphony by nature.) Soon, I became a Carolina girl (or Carolina Cubanita like my dad likes to call me) ... and I loved it!

Ronnie was excited to mow your lawn at first. But soon realized that spending 3 hours every Saturday to maintain you was REALLY hard work. (We didn't realize how much work 1 acre of land you really were!) And get this? I even got into the action...soon I planted my first flowers, but quickly just decided I was better at telling Ronnie where to plant pretty new flowers and other plants! (I enjoyed decorating you inside more.)

Because of you, we were able have our first christmas and we decorated you inside and out so well. It deserved a "Southern Living" treatment, always. We worked hard to make you "sparkle" every Christmas. IMG_0495

We were able to experience all the beautiful seasons NC has to offer. My favorite was the Fall. I waited patiently for your trees to decorate you, so you could radiate in orange, yellows and reds.

Winter was my least favorite. But you knew how to keep me warm inside with your fireplace and cozy family room. And when the snow fell, we enjoyed just looking outside as it fell and your lawn became a HUGE white blanket. Each time it snowed we'd hurry outside in the morning and held a photo shoot in your honor. You looked the best during those mornings because you became even more still and there's something so peaceful after a good snow fall.

When Spring came, the azaleas outside would bloom in white and we knew Winter was soon the past. We would plan how to make you alive again with pretty new colors. During the summer, we'd love to drink wine on your front porch in our rocking chairs after a long hot day. Summer evenings in NC are magical.... there's something about the smell of boxwood and the sight of lightning bugs that would make us take walks and enjoy it! IMG_7058

I enjoyed making my first meals in your kitchen and when I got homesick I would try out those cuban recipes my grandmother gave me. IMG00883
I know our new home will bring many more firsts, but nothing can take away our memories with you. Our new home is a lot bigger, yes, but I will never forget the warmth of your spaces. You helped me become a good wife and have taught me a lot. I never knew how much NC would become a "home" and I owe it all to you. You always made us so happy and we are sad we couldn't spend more time with you. You'll always be #1 to us forever and always in our hearts.



awwwwwwwwww. i feel you prima. you'll always remember your first house with fond memories.

you should frame a pic of it in the new house. :)


Awwww it's a beautiful home! I love the pictures with all seasons surrounding your home! I'm sure your new nest will be just as homie ;) enjoy!

Sugar & Spice

I actually got teary eyed!

You had many firsts in NC..and you made beautiful memories there too!

The best is yet to come :)

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