Thursday, June 17, 2010

All packed up...moving on up!

Well, the time we've been anxiously waiting for finally arrived. The movers took 1 day to pack us up and another day to load everything. They worked really fast and carefully. Only had a small ding made to our master bedroom furniture, but I think we claimed it and they are getting it fixed. They are arriving to Georgia with our things on Monday, hopefully on Sunday.

It was very overwhelming watching them pack all of our things. I mean, don't get me wrong, we didn't have to do a thing! Something about it was just emotionally overwhelming. I am leaving behind so much I grew to love. It's still very hard to think about. I guess it will heal once we are settled in to our new home and new state. We left and I couldn't even bare taking one last picture together in front of the house. I have plenty of happy memories documented in enough I didn't need a need to. We drove to Georgia as soon as the movers left. I must admit, I shed some tears on the way down. Then I think God was giving me signs that everything will be OK. First, I saw this truck on the road to Georgia...

Then, while reading the latest Martha Stewart Living, I came across a "peach" spread, filled with info on peaches and recipes! Ha!

So, on our first day here I took a drive to the new house and it was nice to see the grass green! (it was still brown from winter the last time I was there.) the trees behind the house are really pretty. It sure needs some pretty flowers though...have to get on that. But first we must unpack and clean it first....a lot of work still ahead! But we're ready!

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aww prima i love this. i love hearing all about your move. i feel like i'm there with you. i can't believe you're already here. i remember when you were just finding out about the transfer and were freaking out. i wasn't worried though. i knew it would all work out for you. you're gonna have so many amazing memories in this house. you will be so happy, i know it. this is meant to be!

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