Monday, February 15, 2010

Our New Home

It took a lot of consideration where we wanted to move to in Atlanta. We definitely couldn't consider anywhere in Atlanta directly because of the prices (too high) and the madness of traffic (we left Miami for a reason). We have really enjoyed living outside of Greensboro in the more of a rural setting (less traffic, fresh air, open spaces, less hectic). We were between Alpharetta or Cumming, GA. Both are close to where Ronnie's office is and in the outskirts of Atlanta.

We went the first weekend in January to house hunt just to get a head start and did not expect to find 2 houses we loved and were at a great price! We were lucky that both were in either Alpharetta and Cumming. We made an offer on the Alpharetta house, but it got turned down. So, we went for the house in Cumming (which happened to be cheaper, too!) and they took our offer! Living in Cumming might mean some traffic, but we love the house so much that we will just have to make some sacrifices, but nothing we can't handle. Here is a preview of the house. We are in love! We've gone back since then for the inspections and are going this weekend to meet with the painters. I will follow up with how that goes next week! We are super happy and feel extremely blessed! We have tried to let everything just fall into place...and it has. God is awesome!

I will miss my first home a lot. It's already up for sale and we've had interested buyers almost 3 times a week. Wish us luck with that. We don't want to get stuck with 2 payments at any point in time...not fun!



Erika, it's gorgeous!


Thank you Barb!!!! :)


Hi there! I saw that you were a new follower on my blog and was just stopping by to say hello.

I was just thinking - man, that kitchen is really awesome. Then, I started reading again and saw "Alpharetta and Cumming". I grew up in Cumming. :) Its a fine town and I'm sure you'll love it. Congrats on your new place!

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