Sunday, December 13, 2009

christmas at home.

Christmas is finally at the Wray home! Phew! With so much going on, I barely got through decorating. Lights outside the house will probably not make it out because of the wet and busy weekends we've had. But we are ready inside! I picked out a bigger tree this year. I wanted a 7 footer and we managed to pick it out in 32 degree weather last Sunday evening at about 8pm. Talk about luck It rained all day Saturday so we had to wait. Not many new decorations this year, except a few ornaments we picked up on trips from this year (Disneyland, Biltmore House, Ronald Reagan Library) and some new kitchen decorations.

We wish you could be here with us to share our Christmas with you...but you are in our hearts. It is a little bittersweet this year because this may be our last Christmas in our first home. We will be spending it in NC and not in Miami with my family, too. But we are very lucky, hopeful and looking forward to what our future brings. We rely all of our fate to the Lord. God is good! Merry Christmas to all of our friends and family...our love and prayers for many Christmas blessings!
The mantle.
Tree closeup
Last year's Christmas card.
Our first Christmas card, 2007
View of the family room

My new favorite ornament I picked up at the Biltmore House Christmas shop.
First year of marriage and engagement ornament, the slipper. :)
Picture of the night we got engaged.
Our entrance
decorative pillows. I love the "Christmas Kisses" so much.
Kitchen towels
My favorite this candyland in the kitchen!


Sugar & Spice

The house lookis beautiful! Love all the decorations!


Everything looks great!!! :)


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