Monday, August 17, 2009

Ikea Madness

On Saturday, Ronnie and I thought about heading to Charlotte for the day. (well OK, it was my idea!) But we wanted to spend time doing something fun together, since were apart for 5 days. Charlotte is about an hour and so away. And I thought about going to Ikea. It opened during the spring and I've been dying to see what I hear so many people talk about. And, boy, did we see! The parking lot was filled with cars. We were surprised. You could imagine Ronnie. He was not having it, but was being a good sport. It was madness! I was impressed with the accessories for the home. But Ronnie and I agreed the furniture was not our style or taste. I think the stuff would be great for like an apartment and I loved their kids room designs and accessories. But there wasn't any furniture that I felt I would want to go cheap on in my house. I definitely prefer more quality for our home. But I did happen to love a lot of decorative pieces. I picked up a great little lamp we have been needing for the guest room. And the perfect decorative pieces for my kitchen window sill. Check them out!

Overall, it was fun. And I definitely go again. But I will probably will have to convince the hubby somehow! :)



How cute! :)

I agree about their furniture. Accessories can be nice though. Another thing I'm not crazy about is that they've really raised their prices since they've become popular these last few years. They used to be sooo cheap because their stuff doesn't come put together. Now it's not much cheaper than somewhere else...and sometimes it's more expensive.


I have yet to go to the one that opened up by Sawgrass. Maybe one day I'll go on that expedition. Love the lamp.


Fell upon your blog and really like what I was reading. I love Ikea is such a great store and you can find almost anything! I look forward to reading more!! ;)

Geezees Custom Canvas Art

cute blog! love ikea...although I can get lost for hours and hours in there!


I can never go to ikea without buying something. The latest visit I bought plastic plates and utensils for my son...they were so cheap and cute I just had to.

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