Thursday, July 16, 2009

we all dream...

We all dream, right? Each and every one of us has goals and those things in life that we want to aspire to get or experience. If you know me, you know I have many "disney dreams". A bucket list you can say. I've had several come true, like a fantastic trip to Disneyland that I took with my best friend Jackie in 2005 to celebrate it's 50th anniversary. That was spectacular. Then, my dream of getting engaged and married to Ronnie. And he created a dream come true for me in the most special way that I never even imagined possible....inside Cinderella Castle with my ring in her slipper.

And now, I can't even believe what I am about to experience. This is a once in a lifetime experience. A Disney dream that I never even fathomed would be able to come true! What is it? Where is it? Well, it is the chance of a lifetime to dine in Club 33 in Disneyland!


Ok, if you're not a Disney addict as I am, I will 'splain it to you. This is a very exclusive club located in New Orleans square just outside of the pirates of the caribbean ride. This is where "Walt Disney felt that a special place was needed where he could entertain visiting dignitaries and others in a quiet, serene atmosphere where superb cuisine and distinctive decor would complement one another." There is a special, almost hidden, door, the sign, and a bell to ring in the exclusive members. This is a money you can't buy experience because you can't even get a membership to this elite club- you have to know somebody who is a member and the members transfer from family to family, organization to organization, etc. And if you do want membership, there is a 3-5 year waiting list. And only about 500 members are currently in the club. No tours, sneak peaks, or visits are ever granted to this area of the park unless you are an invited guest of a member of club 33.

The closest I got to it was by taking a tour on that trip for the 50th. But we weren't allowed to go up to the restaurant. Just a teaser by going through the door and into the lobby area. As you can imagine, when I learned about it in there I got emotional. It was so special! Truly, truly magical.

Here we are on the "A Walk in Walt's Footsteps" tour in Disneyland inside the lobby of Club 33. You take that special elevator (which has a story behind it) to the restaurant upstairs.

And ladies and gentlemen, we have been invited by one of Ronnie's business contacts in California! I know...what?! SHUT UP! I already bought a special dress. Ronnie's sport coat will be sent to the cleaners tomorrow. And I can't even describe my emotions about this right now. I just can't....I am on cloud 9. Or more like cloud 33!



Congrats! I have seen this on Disney documentaries. You really are lucky! Have a GREAT time! So glad another one of your dreams have come true. Good things happen to good people!

This Classy Bee

OMG I feel so stoopid! I've never heard of it! Take lots of pics if you can! :)


I've never heard of this but pls take pics. Have fun, it's great when dreams come true ;)

Sugar & Spice

WOW!!! What a dream come true!! I am so happy for you two! Enjoy it! Dreams do come true :)

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