Tuesday, July 14, 2009

10 Things .....

Marta, over at My Big Fat Cuban Family, shared with us 10 things that make her smile. And she wanted us to share and comment about the 10 things that make us smile.

Marta, I have to admit, that finding your blog was one thing that really made me smile! It was one day after I recently moved to NC from Miami when I was feeling really home sick. I decided to search the internet for some Cuban recipes and read about Cuba when I found your super cool blog. This is something I must get from my father, who always made me listen to Radio Mambi in the car and tell me stories about Cuba. You see, my dad is first generation Cuban-American and if there's something he has always taught me is to never forget where my grandparents came from and to learn as much as I can about our family history. He's taught me to very proud. And I am. But, it wasn't until I finally got away from it all in Miami when I finally did. Is that strange? It may be. But I think many 2nd generations Cuban-Americans can relate. But, anyways, Marta, I just wanted to let you know that every time I read your blog it does make me smile because I feel even prouder to be Cuban-American after reading an entry. I tend to learn something new and believe it or not, so does my dad ,who I love to call and brag when I've told him something he didn't know. But most of all, those are the moments that really warm my heart....and make me smile! :) Your blog just makes me feel right at "home".

Overall, I am just a happy, go lucky type of girl, and there are a lot more things that make me smile! And with the help of my hubby, who knows me very, very, very well, I have compiled an official list of just 10. It was hard! So, in no particular order, I give you MY ten!

1. dessert
2. my husband
3. manis/pedis
4. listening to IN THE HEIGHTS
5. my familia
6. iphone/macbook
7. my home
8. my mom's cuban food
9. mickey mouse
10. my engagement/wedding pictures

Oh and lately, this has made me smile...just a little...OK A LOT! :) YES! YES! YES!!!!

So, lets spread the happiness and post your 10 ten things that YOU smile at your blog, Marta's blog or comment below.



Mrs. Erika,

Thanks so much for playing along and for sharing your 10 things.

You expressed perfectly why it is that I write my stories and why I started blogging.

My kids are all 2nd generation Cuban Americans and I don't ever want them to forget their fabulous roots.

Thank you!

(I totally want to re-do my list now that I read yours. Is that codependent or what?)


PS.15 days and you'll be in my neighborhood!

Sugar & Spice

I loved reading all the things that make me smile!! Plus now I am familias with Marta's blog!! Thanks :)


Thanks for sharing! I'm going to follow you and Marta! Hi Marta!


I just noticed that your wedding photos make your list! You have no idea how happy that makes me. I know that the photos we take are cherished but it is always nice to be reminded.

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