Monday, May 25, 2009

Warm Vanilla Sugar Wallflower

I've been in our first home for almost 2 years now. And I think I've tried every candle brand, type, smell, yet seem to never find the perfect scent that I want to purchase again. I usually tend to lean towards clean scents. But that has never really stopped me. I'd try anything just to find one staple scent that I can dedicate in buying in bulk. Because of my mother, I've learned to put a wall scent in every room of my house. And a candle in the kitchen and living room. I love coming home to a good smelling house. But who doesn't, right!?

However, the moment has come! This may sound silly, but I just had to share that I have found the one I truly love.....Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar! I love the wallflowers because I've learned that they don't give off an overbearing scent. Just a light and soft scent that I can live with. And there is something light and sweet about Warm Vanilla Sugar, yet a clean scent too! Its perfect!

And beginning June 1, the Wallflowers will go on sale for $5 each! That's a $7.50 savings. Time to stock up ladies! Warm Vanilla Sugar will please you....enjoy!!!



How funny, I have wallflowers all over my house!! I really like the Peony smell but they are discontinuing it so I do go to the sales and always try to find some. I buy a bunch of refills at the sale

Mrs. J L

I am the same way! I always go for the clean smell nothing too heavy. Found one I loved too, Fabreze Lavender. It smells so yummy and it lasts a while too.

I'm definitely going to give this one a try! Thanks!!!


THis has always been one of my favorite scents...I love the smell of Vanilla :)

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