Thursday, March 5, 2009

my grandparents....

Being far away has made me miss my grandmother the most I have in my entire life. Sometimes it is very painful. As many of you know, my Tita has not been the same over the past 2 years. She is now in her early 80's, but she's holding up the best she can. My grandmother was basically my second mom growing up. When you go to her house, the living room is filled with pictures of me! It has ALWAYS been this way. (Mind you, she has 4 more grandchildren! LOL) I know I am her pride and joy, though. So, it is very hard not being able to be there to cheer her up when she is having her moments. All I can do is call her and most of the time she pulls herself together and I help her get through her days.

The last time I went to Miami, she gave me one of her portraits of her and my grandfather when they were newly married in Cuba. I've been meaning to scan the original she gave me and enlarge it. I finally got to do it today. My grandparents made an AMAZING good looking couple. I can just stare at this picture and imagine what life was like for them during this time. I wonder what went through their minds, how in love they were, and I admire how BRAVE they were to leave EVERYTHING they knew and loved to begin a new life in a new country all for our family. And I stare at my grandfather in amazement and can't get over how much my father looks like him!

Anyways, I just wanted to share how proud I am of my grandparents. I framed the picture and now I am honored to have their first photo in my first home. I plan to display more as I get them. When I have children, I want to teach and tell all about our family and their life in heritage. There isn't anything like being a "Cubana-Americana". I am very lucky!



you guys have strong genes i think your baby will look like pachi too!


ay prima that so pretty. man i see pachi soo much in them!

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