Saturday, January 17, 2009

Shopping Online SALES!

I really wanted to go shopping today, but it's too cold out to go. And because of the cold I have a MAJOR headache. So, what better way to make me feel better than to shop online! I still have some Christmas money left. And ever since I became a wife and homeowner, any extra cash I get goes towards purchases for our home. Oh, how priorities have changed! It's a great thing. In the past, any free cash I had went towards a great new purse or shoes.

I logged on to and snagged up some GREAT sale items under their outlet/SALE sections! Everything I purchased was a total of $59!

Look at this adorable winter door mat:

I got several of these picture frames. I think the Espresso border matches perfectly with our family room. And I love the white matted background. I would love to place these on espresso colored shelves:

And I got 2 vases, which I think add so much to a room without doing too much. The bronze vase is for the shelves with the frames. And the green vase will eventually go on our dining room table when we get one. I think the vase makes a nice piece that can go with our drapery:

Not bad for under $60, huh? And from Crate and Barrel! :)



Score! Seems we have the same taste in decorating, the vases and frames are perfect. Can't wait to see the final product. :)

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