Monday, October 6, 2008

it hurt. a lot.

Sometimes I wonder if I were really supposed to be born a blonde. Seriously. I mean, these things only happen to me. I am sure when you read this you will probably end up cracking up. I am used to it already. You will also think "AY ERIKA!" or ask "She did what?!" ... so yes, I did...I totally walked into a pole.


I was walking and talking to a student to the bus when all of a sudden my glasses went flying and I began to cry....I had just ran into a pole. And no, I didn't turn to look (there wasn't time). I just smacked my head right into it. When I called my mom she responded with "Pero que? You drove into a pole?" No. no. no. Believe it or not I walked and bumped right into it myself. When I called my dad he was concerned with "who I was voting for" and "which was my favorite baseball team", to which I responded with "OBAMA" AND "THE RED SOX", and therefore my dad concluded that I was "JUST FINE!" Yeah, yeah, yeah. I sure as hell should write a book called "All the Things that Can Happen to You as a First Year Teacher" and none of the advice would be about actually TEACHING the children.

Ronnie zoomed to the school to pick me up. I went to the closest clinic to get it checked out and x-rayed. Everything is fine. Thankfully. I have my big bottle of Tylenol next to me. And I have to go for a check up next week. I hope I sleep OK. So far, so good though.

There is the bump. On the top right side of my forehead. It's gone down a lot. But it's not pretty and it doesn't feel like it, either.



this is one of the best blog posts ever. i mean it was hilarious and so well written. if you write a book like this i would read the book. and i'm not a big reader. but your writing is great! simple to the point and funny. i would have written 3 times as much just to say the same thing. can you tell from this comment?

it was so funny. especially the dad part. lol. i see the bump! pobresita prima. and don't feel so bad! i walked into a brick wall once. broke my glasses.


OH NO Erika! You poor thing. We have all done things like this though. Once during a party I walked into a sliding glass door. I was in middle school and it was very embarassing.

I hope you are feeling better by now!

Talk to you soon!

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