Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wedding Shadow Box

I finally got it accomplished! I put together a shadow box with our wedding memorabilia! Isn't it awesome?! Memories from that day stuffed into this box forever. I figured to put my bouquet in there just last night, when Ronnie and I went to a party of newlyweds like us and I fell in love with the bouquet looked in her shadow box. Anyways, I hope to get a better picture of it soon. Inside I put things like, our wedding invite, cocktail napkin, place card, honey favor tags, rocks that read "cherish", "honor", etc. that I had laid out on the place card table, and my hair piece. Simply perfect!

Tell me what you think. I cried putting it together. Then I cried again when I showed it to Ronnie. ha!



it is beautiful. i wish i had done something like this with mine. but since i left to boston right after the honeymoon i wasn't able to really get my stuff and preserve it. i left all that stuff with my parents. and it sucks because my bouquet was like my favorite thing. it was the perfect colors. so vibrant. honestly i don't even know where my wedding dress is. my mom doesn't seem to know. and its not in my room at home.

if i had a shadowbox this is what i would put in it. the bouquet, the invitation, the save the date card, the popcorn favor, and some purple rose petals i bought from michaels. :) and maybe some print out of the "cow and chicken" cartoon.

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