Thursday, April 3, 2008

cupcake love

All this week on the Martha Stewart show is cupcake week. I've been so inspired! There have been professional cupcake bakers on the show sharing their wonderful and unique cupcake recipes. Sometimes I wish now I would have gone to baking school. I would love to own my own cookie bakery or a cupcake bakery! How fun would that be? Anyways, there was an amateur cupcake baker on the show today and she invented these cute little cupcakes on a stick.....perfect for a party or wedding favor. I wanted to share her blog at Check them out...and she does these for fun! I am surprised she hasn't ran to the bank with these creations! Simply wonderful and so cute!!!



prima!!! you're so cute. and i think you would make a great baker :) but you don't need the schooling. how many stories have you heard on the food network about a housewife coming up with her own business. anyway you have your big kitchen and your mixer, you're all set. just practice practice practice! experiment and tweak recipes. :)

i remember in boston i tried to come up with a gimmick. i was gonna make baked treats and sell them to people at ed's work. but it ended up being too much trouble. but i made these huge cinnamon rolls. they came out great.

but yeah just making stuff for fun. i can imagine you passing recipes down to your kids and grandkids.

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