Thursday, March 27, 2008

hair trouble

It's been more than 6 months since I last cut my hair. The reason is because I wanted to let it get longer for the wedding. And now I am paying for it! With my curls, I usually cut it every 4-6 weeks. My curls are so "blah" right now. My father even said "you need to cut look disorganized"! LOL And that is exactly how I feel! I've always had it long until about 3 years ago when I pulled a Kerri Russel. (Remember when Felicity chopped off her beautiful curls...everyone was like "how dare she?!") Yeah many felt the same about my curls. But I LOVED it. Little by little I began to cut it shorter and shorter. I didn't just chop it off all at once. Here is a little timeline of my hairstyles.

High school graduation, which was probably at my longest:

This was about my sophomore year in college, a little long, but most much shorter:

Then I wanted bangs....but really, they were like a shorter front layer:

I got sick of the bang, so I let it grow out:

And then I finally did it....I CHOPPED IT OFF...OH THE HORROR! HA! I LOVED IT!!
But, I felt liberated! was a nice change. I felt a little more mature. And it was just time to get it healthy again.

Now, the curls are so bad, that I've been blow drying it straight so that I could do more with it. And it's a lot of work. Now with it longer, it takes FOREVER to blow dry it straight and I just don't have the time for it. Yes, it is nice because of the weather here. But I love my curls and they are fun to have when I have them maintained! LOL Here is my hair straight for Christmas:

Anyways, I have found the new cut I plan to get. It's a good length. Not too short (Ronnie hates it short) and it's not too long. I think it will be a happy medium. This is the actress named Sarah Jones. I will get the short layer again. I hope to get it next week when I am in Miami. Yep. We'll be in Miami on April 4th. But that's a whole other blog post. I will post about that later. Tell me what you think:


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