Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

Ronnie and I had a nice new year. We made dinner together and had some friends over. We played monopoly, the dinner was great, and we watched Dick Clark. I was able to speak or text to almost everyone. Dad sent me a bunch of pics of my brothers, which was nice. It looked like they were having a good time! For some reason my phone didn't save these pictures. I will try to reconcile them.

But.....I did save one! My mom sent me this picture from Italy. I know...drooooool! LOL!

Every year I have the same ole' resolutions. Actually, I usually only have one. And that's to eat better. I know, boring. I am usually good at up until about June/ summer....then I give up little by little. But this year I have several.

My first New Years resolution is to get organized. I still have about 3 more boxes to unpack in the garage! And most of my pictures and scrapbooking materials are stuffed in other boxes. I reallllllly want to get these boxes from Martha's craft collection and in all different colors. I want to stack them up together, so they look neat in our bonus room. We plan to make the bonus room like an office/guestroom/tv room type deal.
I would love to get my own desk in there to scrapbook. Something like this.

I also need a Laundry sorter. I absolutely HATE to seperate clothes. But if I get something like this. I wouldn't waste soooo much time!!!

Anyways, so that is my first New Years resolution. My second is to walk at least 30 minutes everyday. We started yesterday. But I don't know how well we will follow through with it being 15 degrees outside! But we will see.....I am sure I will come up with more. I just wanted to share what's been going on in Erika's mind lately.

Oh and btw, I had an interview today. I am not getting my hopes up. So, I had an interview. Cross your fingers. It's for a 2nd grade teacher who is going on leave in early spring. But again. We will see what happens. :)


Oh I forgot to mention...It's currently 31 degrees in the afternoon!!! ahhh!



mmm...a deliciously crisp 30 degrees. sounds like great walking weather to me!

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