Monday, January 14, 2008

Be A Morning Person

I saw this headline on Martha's website, "BE A MORNING PERSON". "HA!" I thought to myself. "I will never ever, ever, be a morning person." I still decided to open the link because I was interested in reading on how this could possibly work! I began reading. And I got inspired. I mean, it all makes sense. Really! Like this tip: Be consistent. "You don't get two biological clocks -- one for weekdays and one for weekends," says Maas. "That means you have to stick by one." Sleeping late on the weekends to compensate for lack of sleep during the week will throw you off, making Monday mornings even worse than they need to be. While keeping a consistent sleep schedule is ideal, it's not always reasonable or practical. Your best bet is to try to keep your schedule fairly regular (that is, getting up and going to bed within an hour or so of your weekday schedule). How come I thought the opposite? But it's true. Mondays have always been terrible for me. And it's because I put myself in the position of being tired! Enough is enough. It's a new year and I will be a morning person. Read the article, maybe you will be inspired yourself. It's worth a shot. I am always for things that makes us feel better. And I am going to give this a try.
So, this afternoon when I came home, I was soooo sleepy. So, I thought, "I will take a 30 minute power nap. And then I will get to doing some house chores." I set the alarm, washed my face, got comfortable, and got into bed. 30 minutes later, I got up, took a shower, washed my hair, dried my hair and I felt soooo much better. All last week, I took 2 hour naps after work. I would wake up with headaches....all groggy and like hungover. I felt worse after it all. That wasn't good. 30 min power naps work. Period!

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