Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gosh Darn It!

So, today I took care of some more wedding stuff. Ugh. It's getting a little overwhelming. All of these little details. I hope I am not forgetting anything. Could you imagine the catastrophe? I mean, I hope I am not forgetting anything important. I REALLLLLLY HOPE NOT! My wedding dreams at night seem to do the trick, though. They tend to REMIND me of all the things that could go wrong. UHH! Which reminds me.....I have to ask Jackie to see if she was able to make my mani and pedi appt for the wedding!!! (I recently had a dream that I FORGOT to get a manicure!) oh the horror!

Anyways, I was a little upset with myself today. Has this ever happened to you?.....oK like when you only have one chance to do you think TOO MUCH on how to do it correctly that when you go to do it, YOU MESS UP!!!?? That totally happend to me. And I said "OK ERIKA, MAKE SURE YOU GET THIS RIGHT. OK?! OK?!" And boom....I did something to SCREW IT UP! LOL I wish I could share what I am talking about. But its a surprise, so I can't! HAHA Now I need to RE-BUY everthing. UGH!

Today it was 60 degrees about amazing! so beautiful. I went outside to water the garden and I noticed this one tree who's leaves are totally changing.

And, of course, the leaves are falling to our backyard.

For dinner I made Turkey meatballs. I made spaghetti again. But I made myself like a Vodka sauce. And Ronnie wanted tomato sauce. It came out delicious! We have leftovers. So we might have it tomorrow night. Maybe...we like having pizza fridays. AND THE RED SOX PLAY TOMORROW NIGHT! I am soooo excited!!!!

Here are pics of dinner:

Here, the meatballs are cooking:

The final product!

Tomorrow I am working on another craft project. I got the materials today. But it involves glitter and Ronnie hates glitter, so I can't let him see me do it. LOL

Till tomorrow!



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